A Cosy Night Out

Last Thursday we decided to treat ourselves after a long week of hard work in the library (being the good students that we are). We had previously been to the Cosy Club once before and loved it so we went back for another go.

The restaurant has a really calm and relaxed atmosphere. When we booked online as always when possible, we informed the restaurant of Nefertari’s nut allergy. To our surprise when we entered, the host seated us and then returned after searching the menu to tell us all the foods that are prepared with and near nuts. When he was unsure about one dish in particular the host went and asked the chef and manager, even though we had already told him the allergy wasn’t life threatening. We felt genuinely grateful and valued as customers as the host went above and beyond to make our dining experience a great and safe one.

On to the food…

We all decided to go for burgers which came with a side of coleslaw and fries. Rosie and Nefertari chose to go for something slightly different and went for sweet potato fries which we thought were sweet and crispy. The Cosy Club is really cool because you can customize your own burger to your taste. We added bacon and cheese to ours (Shannon’s idea). We also ordered a side of Macaroni cheese, which we thought was good but could have done with a bit more seasoning – doesn’t compare to the Mac from a certain burger joint. When we went before, Nefertari went for the crab linguine which she thought was a bit bland.

Now for dessert…

Rosie went for the brownie and both Shannon and Nefertari went for the sticky toffee pudding. The sticky toffee pudding went down a treat, but the brownie was a bit of a let down. Still a good evening out though and we probably would go again.



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