Out for Italian

After a long shopping trip at the Birmingham Bullring, we all decided to treat ourselves to a popular Italian chain restaurant called ASK Italian. We hadn’t eaten out together in a while so we decided to splurge a little.


It’s located on the corner of this little side road, a short walk away from the hustle and bustle of the center. The outside looks very minimal and quiet, perhaps not a place students would be typically attracted to. However once you get inside it’s vibrant, modern and welcoming.

We sat down, looked at the menu and ordered our drinks. Nefertari the adventurous one, of course ordered Rosé. Rosie went for the Italian Twinkle cocktail, which was prosecco with elderflower cordial, vodka and a twist of lemon. Shannon being Shannon had a coke.

Next up was the starters: We went for the king prawns, dough balls and bruschetta. Everything tasted great, perfectly seasoned. The king prawns were juicy, not rubbery. One slight complaint is the Italian bread with garlic and parsley under the prawns were slightly over done. Dough balls were good as they usually are and the bruschetta was tasty as long as you like tomatoes since you could taste they had been marinated.


We ordered fettuccine bolognese (like spaghetti bolognese with fettuccine pasta), linguine con frutti di mare (linguine with king prawns, mussels, clams and squid in a tomato sauce) and rigaoni al manzo piccante (rigatoni pasta with beef meatballs in a ragu sauce). The fettuccine bolognese was slightly bland but nothing that a pinch of salt and pepper didn’t solve. Everything else was excellent.


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