About Us

So you want to know who we are? We are three¬†university students in our final year who simply LOVE TO EAT! If you want to find us look for your nearest restaurant or supermarket. So we love food… Doesn’t everyone? But we cook too. And not your everyday packet noodles¬†and toasties. Our recipes are flavoured from Lebanon, Barbados and Jamaica. So lets get to know each one.

Lebanon – Rosie, 20, Sociology Student and a lover of chocolate! As the youngest I am relatively new to cooking but I am steadily developing my skills with the help of the other two. I take everyday foods and add a pinch of Lebanese flavours. Favourite foods: chicken and chocolate!

Barbados&Jamaica – Shannon, 21, Psychology Student and the PORK fanatic. I love anything and everything meaty. I’m the unique eater (picky!) of the group. I’m the oldest and naturally am the mother hen ;] with a slight childish flare. Favorite foods: ribs and oxtail.

Jamaica – Nefertari, 20, Psychology Student and the seafood enthusiast! I am the explorer of the group, I try all types of foods and bring them back to those two to try. Everything except nuts that is, since I’m allergic. Favourite foods: lobster and a good burger.

Now you know a bit about us, not your stereotypical student eaters, follow our blog, get to know us and enjoy the foods we love. We hope to show you something new!